The Green, Cornwell Care

The Green is a care home in Redruth for people with residential, dementia and mental health needs run by Cornwall care.
Sam Tatum, Care Manager of The Green is already overwhelmed by the feedback she’s received from residents and staff using the Mobii system:
“We look after people with complex dementia and mental health needs so to see them actively using the system and working together is so heart-warming. The Mobii is amazing, it’s so good for co-ordination, reminiscence and such a great social tool. The response we have had from our residents has been fantastic and to see them enjoying it together has made me quite emotional.
She also highlighted the advantages of it being a mobile system as some of their residents are nursed in their bedrooms. ‘‘It’s fabulous that we can project directly onto their beds so they can enjoy the music and colourful scenes and sounds from nature. There is such a huge variety of physical and social experiences including painting, quizzes and agility/coordination games with beanbags, batons, brushes and balls.
Our staff are also looking forward to personalising the system by creating reminiscence activities using old and new photos of Redruth, to use with the painting effect, to help residents share memories.’’
Anne Thomas, chief executive of Cornwall Care, a not-for-profit charity, said: “We are delighted that our residents at The Green are already gaining so much from this wonderful technology. Supporting people to have meaningful and stimulating interaction is an important part of what we do and we will continue to embrace new ways of enriching the lives and experiences of everyone in our care.”  Cornwall Care is now planning to raise funds to install more Mobii systems in their care homes across the county.