Interactive Wall Projection System

What is omiReflex?

omiReflex is an interactive wall projection system that displays a ‘magical’ mirror image of the user whilst projecting dynamic moving images that they can interact with.

Scattering stars, painting pictures, playing drums and travelling through space are just some of the many interactive effects this magical mirror projection offers.

The omiReflex system can project onto any pale vertical surface.

The omiReflex+ version is fully customisable allowing the user to import their own images, sounds and videos.

Where Can omiReflex be used?

omiReflex can be used in Schools, child care centres, pre-schools, family entertainment centres, day care settings, respite units, health centres, hospices, aged care homes and hospitals.

Why Use omiReflex?

It is fully customisable – create your own content.

It is beneficial for:

  • Coordination/motor skill development

  • Orientation, stance and balance (Proprioceptive and vestibular feedback)

  • Therapeutic calming activities

  • Social enjoyment and communication

Personalised Interactive Experience

Imagine……your carers have a family meeting and bring together your residents life in music, videos and pictures. Sensory Wizard edits the supplied images and music to incorporate the resident’s life into the games on the interactive projector.

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System Content

All systems are now supplied with pre-set applications contained in the Sensory Fun Suite and Autism Suite (optional).

Sensory Suite

A selection of over 300 different sensory activities and games that have been specially designed to engage, calm, distract, and stimulate senses.

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sensory fun suite

Autism Suite

A collection of educational activities, quizzes and games. Supporting development across key areas of Autistic Spectrum conditions.

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Aged Care Suite

The Aged Care suite has been designed to provide a diverse selection of activities to support and encourage elderly wellbeing regardless of age or ability.

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Ball Games

Our ball games suite encourages physical activity, coordination and positive social engagement from scoring goals to shooing hoops there is fun for everyone.

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System Versions

This system is supplied as a complete package as either: omiReflex install – Fixed installation with ceiling mounted projector and omiReflex Mobile – Portable self-contained system designed to be used anywhere.

Approximate Image sizes: 0cm from the wall 1 x 0.75m, 20cm from the wall 1.5 x 1.1m, 35cm from the wall 2 x 1.5m.

omiReflex Mobile

Portable self-contained mobile system.

omiReflex Install

Fixed installation with ceiling mounted projector

7312 omiReflex Mobile

  • Self-contained portable unit

  • omiReflex Content Suite with 100+ apps

  • Remote Control

  • Handover training

  • Content Creator & Editor Software
  • Handover training

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7310 omiReflex

  • omiReflex Content Suite with 100+ apps

  • Remote Control

  • Compatible with omiPad Room Ctrl

  • Handover training

  • Content Creator & Editor Software

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