Autism and Special Needs

Sensory Wizard evolved from our association with MJ Playgrounds (an Australian owned designer and manufacturer of indoor soft play playgrounds). The importance of dedicated sensory playgrounds and equipment became apparent when multiple clients approached MJ Playgrounds after they had exhausted their search looking throughout Australia and overseas.

Sensory Wizard has been commissioned to further progress the sensory playgrounds, in partnership with MJP. We have also partnered with OMI Systems, a UK based supplier of what we consider to be the best interactive projections systems in the world. Additional products are on offer and we intend increasing our product line as we search the world for the best products on offer.

Sensory Wizard is liaising with industry professionals to ensure we provide appropriate services that enhance the lives of both younger and older people living with various special needs. We can provide individual items right up to a custom designed sensory space incorporating all our products.

We design and build sensory playgrounds to your specifications and needs. Within the bespoke environment of your choosing you will be able to control colours, sounds, images and aromas. Calming rooms to reduce anxiety or a stimulating, engaging room combined with a choice of interactive projectors which can project on various types of surface, the design is limited only by your imagination and need.

We all should have the opportunity to influence, learn about and interact with our environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

OMI’s motion activated projection systems are designed with games, music and social activities which respond to gestures and movement from users.  These systems engage and motivate all ages groups and can be projected and played on almost any surface including floors, walls, ceilings and tables.

From outer space to ocean depths, interactive quizzes to physical challenge games, interactive projections offer children and adults with special needs a journey of discovery that encourages physical and mental participation as well as plenty of positive social/learning opportunities.

We pride ourselves on creating products that:

  • Respond to all movements no matter how small

  • Stimulate the imagination

  • Remove barriers to learning

  • Encourage physical and mental participation

  • Provide opportunities to socialise and collaborate

  • Release potential

With an emphasis on motion-activation our interactive projection games provide inclusive sensory activities that reward any level of participation, no matter how small.

The huge range of interactive content, which is also fully customisable for a unique personalised experience, means there is always something for everyone regardless of age or ability.