OMI Wall of Awards

Outstanding Dementia Care Product 2018

The Dementia Congress judges were very impressed with the Mobii interactive table and selected it as the overall winner because of its suitability for people at all stages of dementia. They commented on its ease of use, the social nature of the activities, the way it encourages participation and the options to personalise it for individual or group needs.

Care Home Awards Best Equipment, Product & Service Award 2019

Technology featured strongly in this category and I am delighted to announce that OM Interactive and their Mobii Table/Floor have won this award. The Mobii clearly offers person-centred activities for all those in care, encouraging movement, positive outlook and social opportunities. We were impressed by the diverse content and the flexible design allowing interactivity in any room on any flat surface.

Outstanding Care Awards 2019 Memory Lane Award

The judges admired the inclusive nature of the Mobii system, particularly the ability to take it into residents bedrooms and project it onto bed covers as well as tables and floors. They were impressed by the wide variety of content and activities including reminiscence therapy, nature experiences, nostalgic music and physical games.

Pioneering Technology 2018

The judging panel remarked on the Mobii’s outstanding design and portability. They were pleased to see ground-breaking technology being used to support all people in care and particularly those living with dementia. During the demonstration they commented on the appealing visuals, sounds and engaging content and praised its ability to provide meaningful person-centred experiences for all generations.

Outstanding Contribution to Dementia Care 2018

The judging panel were impressed by how well the table responded to any movement. They recognised its intuitive qualities and commended the way it could be personalised to support life story work and reminiscence activities for people living with dementia in care. They also praised the way it fulfils more than one role, encouraging physical participation as well as providing joyful moments with others that support overall emotional wellbeing.

The CareWare Citizen Award 2019 – Denmark

The judges commended the way the product helps to bring people of all ages and abilities together to play and feel rejuvenated. They liked the way it exercises both body and mind and is just as accessible for wheelchair users as the able-bodied. The system was praised for its ability to stimulate all the senses, often ‘awakening’ those who may have become withdrawn due to their dementia. They appreciated the option to personalise it so that people could remember good memories as well as make new ones with staff, friends and family.