Interactive Ceiling Projector

What is omiSky?

omiSky is an interactive ceiling projection system that projects a moving mirror image of the child on the ceiling with ‘floating’ objects and dynamic images that they can interact with e.g. scattering leaves/petals, popping bubbles, colouring paintings and bouncing spacemen.

Why Use omiSky?

This is particularly appropriate for users who:

  • Have limited movement

  • Would benefit from interactive therapy

  • Are comfortable positioned on a bean bag

  • Need vestibular input (balance)

  • Require proprioceptive feedback (stance and orientation)

  • Would benefit from kinaesthetic learning

Where is the omiSky interactive ceiling projector used?

In Schools, nurseries, pre-schools, play centres, day care settings, respite units, health centres, hospices, care homes and hospitals…

Children can chase butterflies, scatter autumn leaves, paint pictures, kick footballs or move clouds across the sky all whilst seeing themselves captured live, moving on the ceiling above them.

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This system is supplied with a dual camera system similar to omiReflex. Ideally suited for sensory/therapy rooms and hospital wards.

  • Complete omiSky install system as above

  • omiSky Content Suite with 100+ apps

  • Content Creator & Editor Software

  • Additional half day follow-up training

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Personalised Interactive Experience

Imagine……your carers have a family meeting and bring together your residents life in music, videos and pictures. Sensory Wizard edits the supplied images and music to incorporate the resident’s life into the games on the interactive projector.

Content Suite With Over 100 apps

This Suite is a treasure trove of audio-visual effects designed to stimulate, engage and relax.

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