Personalised Interactive Experience

Imagine……your carers have a family meeting and bring together your residents life in music, videos and pictures. Sensory Wizard edits the supplied images and music to incorporate the resident’s life into the games on the interactive projector. Carers could carry out the editing in-house with training provided by SW.

As the resident plays the interactive game their lives and family appear in front of their eyes and through hand gestures they can slowly unfold their life’s work and achievements.

  • Did their life revolve around a city, a farm, the ocean, another country?

  • Their favourite music is playing through the machines built-in speakers.

  • Family appear through photos and videos.

  • Images of businesses and groups they were associated with appear.

  • Awards that they achieved.

  • Newspaper clippings of their achievements and those of their extended families.

  • The list is ongoing.

The editable feature of OMI encourages interaction with carers and other residents as they remember their youth and family.

personalised interactive projection