Motion Activated Projections for Adults with Special Needs

Sensory Wizard has partnered with OMI Systems, a UK based supplier of what we consider to be the best interactive projections systems in the world. OMI’s motion activated projection systems are designed with games, music and social activities which respond to gestures and movement from users. These systems engage and motivate all ages groups and can be projected and played on almost any surface including floors, walls, ceilings and tables.

From outer space to ocean depths, interactive quizzes to physical challenge games, interactive projections offer children and adults with special needs a journey of discovery that encourages physical and mental participation as well as plenty of positive social/learning opportunities.

We all should have the opportunity to influence, learn about and interact with our environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

Interactive Projections have great value in supporting and developing:

  • Language and communication skills
  • Coordination and physical ability
  • Socialisation and collaboration skills
  • Positivity and emotional wellbeing

Recent neurological findings continue to support the claims that regularly involving people in activities which stimulate movement, communication and mental engagement will always be beneficial and ultimately enhance their quality of life.

In those who have used our systems, professionals have witnessed positive changes in:

  • Physical effort/energy levels
  • Social involvement and interaction
  • Ability to share and enjoy group activities
  • Character development
  • Sensory Awareness
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adults with special needs

We pride ourselves on creating products that:

  • Respond to all movements no matter how small

  • Stimulate the imagination

  • Remove barriers to learning

  • Encourage physical and mental participation

  • Provide opportunities to socialise and collaborate

  • Release potential

interactive floor and table projector

omiVista Mobii
Mobile Floor and Table Interactive Projector

The Mobii magic surface is a portable and height adjustable system that responds to gesture and movement. Capable of projecting onto any horizontal surface including tables, bed tables and floors.

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omiVista ceiling projector

omiVista Install
Ceiling Mounted Floor and Table Interactive Projector

This fixed ceiling system projects onto a floor or table and responds to gestures and movement. This neat installation unit is perfect for a designated sensory room and will sit flush in a tiled ceiling.

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omi reflex interactive projector

omiReflex Mobii
Mobile Wall Interactive Projector

A mobile system that reveals a moving mirror image of the user with ‘floating’ objects that they can interact with. e.g. scattering leaves/petals, popping bubbles and bouncing spacemen.

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omiReflex ceiling projector

omiReflex Mobii
Ceiling Mounted Wall Interactive Projector

A fixed system that reveals a moving mirror image of the user with ‘floating’ objects that they can interact with. e.g. scattering leaves/petals, popping bubbles and bouncing spacemen.

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Wall Mounted Floor and Table Ineractive Projector

Budii is a compact projection system designed for home use, designed to deliver engaging and meaningful activities for children with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities.

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With an emphasis on motion-activation our interactive projection games provide inclusive sensory activities that reward any level of participation, no matter how small.

The huge range of interactive content, which is also fully customisable for a unique personalised experience, means there is always something for everyone regardless of age or ability.


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