Aged Care

Sensory Wizard has incorporated our intergenerational playgrounds with our motion activated range of sensory projectors to provide an experience for both young and old in your facility.

Sensory Wizard is the exclusive Australian distributor of OMI projection systems based in the UK, pioneers of motion activated sensory technology.

Our intergenerational playgrounds may be located in many areas of your facility right down to a small unused corner of a room. The playgrounds encourage visitation from children and grand-children to visit their older relatives with the enticement of being able to play in the playground or use the OMI system which may be pre-loaded with games for children.

OMI have led the way in providing inter-generational projection in homes, hospitals and specialist centres since 2005. With a dedicated team of engineers, designers and health-care specialists they have created a bespoke range of products that provide meaningful activities for all ages and abilities to encourage movement, active participation and shared enjoyment.

OMI’s interactive systems projector systems are designed with games, music and social activities which respond to gestures and movement from users.

These systems engage and motivate users and the results include:

  • Greater socialisation, willingness to communicate

  • Obvious enjoyment and shared laughter

  • More flexibility and upper body movement/coordination

  • Sustained moments of lucidity and brightness

  • Improved relationships with peers and staff

  • Raised well-being levels and improved emotional stability

  • More motivation to stand up, stretch and physically participate

  • Greater opportunities to share personal stories

  • Staff get to know the person behind the dementia

  • Families enjoy joint activities without the pressure of finding words

  • Can be a calming or stimulating activity with a wide choice of moods

  • Opportunity for home members to entertain, independent of staff.

  • Flexibility of floor, table and bedside use making it fully inclusive

sensory interactive projection products

omiVista Install

Self contained ceiling assembly projecting onto a floor or table

omiVista Mobii

Portable and electrically height adjustable system projecting onto a table, bed or floor.


Fixed and mobile wall projection unit

With an emphasis on motion-activation our interactive projection games provide inclusive sensory activities that reward any level of participation, no matter how small.

The huge range of interactive content, which is also fully customisable for a unique personalised experience, means there is always something for everyone regardless of age or ability.

The inter-generational appeal of this system was pivotal in OMI being awarded the National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award in 2018.