Sensory Experiences for all Ages

Sensory Experiences for all Ages.

Our products cater for Aged Care and people living with Dementia and adults and children living with Autism and Special Needs.

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At Sensory Wizard, we believe that a person’s potential, regardless of age, can be supported through the use of technology by creating the right environment.

Unique in Australia, and backed by international innovators, Sensory Wizard brings to you advanced sensory products and technology together with bespoke sensory spaces.

Our customers include: individuals, aged care homes, hospitals, Allied health clinics, organisations caring for people living with a disability, early learning centres and schools to name a few.

Our products cater for children and adults living with autism and special needs and adults living with dementia.

Sensory Wizard is the exclusive distributor for

OM Interactive Projectors

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Sensory Sleep Pods

zpod sensory bed
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Special Needs Toys

Motion Activated Projections (OMi)

fun • stimulating • educational • calming

Our range of motion activated projectors provide a stimulating sensory experience for both young and old.

OMi’s interactive projector systems are designed with games, music and social activities which respond to gestures and movement from users. OMi systems allow for precise control of levels of stimulation. Using our easy to use remote control allows incredibly responsive projections suited to groups or individuals.

Our projectors can cast images onto varying surfaces to suit specific needs.

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wall projector


Table projector



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sensory sleeping pods

zPods Sensory Sleep Pod

zPods are a customisable, sensory friendly, sleeping pod.

Jam-packed with features such as intelligent lighting control, white noise generation, temperature control, and an innovative air filter children can find better sleep, which means parents and siblings can sleep better as well.

zPods were made with the idea when children fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, the family thrives as does the child.

We believe that zPods is not just a concept for children individually, but a concept that can be life changing for the whole family. zPods create a safe space for children and adults living with a sensory disability in an environment which can change the world of sleeping.

If you are ready to change the balance of energy in your home the zPod could be a game changer for you and your family.

We’ve seen a powerful impact on sleep performance in highly restless children and teenagers who have used our beds. We encourage you to scroll through all our stories below to learn more about how zPods made life better for them and their families during the night and in their daily performance.

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Coming Soon:  Equipment for Sensory Spaces

Sensory Wizard is in the final stages of securing an exclusive distributorship with the world’s largest manufacturer of special needs toys.

Sensory Wizard can customise your sensory speace, providing an array of quality sensory equipment.

Our sensory equipment is designed to help develop key life skills including voice, motor skills, colour recognition and tracking. It is also designed to stimulate the senses by using colour, textures, sounds and even smells.

These include multiple sensory toys including Bubble Tubes, Nest and Pod Swings and Interactive Wall Panels.

bubble tube sensory

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Sensory Wizard has Interactive Projectors and Sensory equipment for all ages from childhood to aged care.

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OMI Awards