Living With Disability

Sensory Wizard has partnered with OMi Systems, a UK based supplier of what we consider to be the best interactive projections systems in the world. OMi’s motion activated projection systems are designed with games, music and social activities which respond to gestures and movement from users. These systems engage and motivate all ages groups and can be projected and played on almost any surface including floors, walls, ceilings and tables.

From outer space to ocean depths, interactive quizzes to physical challenge games, interactive projections offer children and adults with special needs a journey of discovery that encourages physical and mental participation as well as plenty of positive social/learning opportunities. It also fosters inclusive learning by removing barriers to learning and encouraging collaboration whilst respecting the diversity of our clients

We all should have the opportunity to influence, learn about and interact with our environment through movement, exploration and collaboration.

Professionals and carers have witnessed
positive changes in:

Physical effort/energy levels

Social involvement and interaction

Ability to share and enjoy group activities

Character development

Sensory awareness

Sensory Suite

The OMi Sensory Suite is a rich variety of games and activities designed to engage, stimulate and broaden experiences. With over 300 different applications in this Suite, the Suite provides activities to assist those with disability, such as physical agility games, imaginative sensory music content and cognitive stimulation activities.

The Autism Suite

The Autism Suite, includes 108 games and activities designed to engage, challenge and aid the progression of skills in our autistic clients. Some of the key areas supported include:

  • Social interaction

  • Flexible thinking

  • Personal organisation
  • Emotional understanding
  • Sensory calming or alerting

Through the use of visually appealing, exciting and relevant activities, the OMi is able to tap into an area which makes therapy fun, thus increasing engagement and results.

Interactive Projections have great value
in supporting and developing:

Language and communciation skills

Coordination and physical ability

Socialisation and collaboration skills

Positivity and emotional wellbeing

OMi prides itself on creating products that:

Respond to all movements no matter how small

Stimulate the imagination

Remove barriers to learning

Encourage physical and mental participation

Provide opportunities to socialise and collaborate

With an emphasis on motion-activation our interactive projection games and activities provide inclusive sensory activities that reward any level of participation, no matter how small.

The huge range of interactive content, which is also fully customisable for a unique personalised experience, means there is always something for everyone regardless of age or ability.

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