zPods Sleeping Pods

sensory sleeping pods

zPods are a customisable, sensory friendly, sleeping pod jam-packed with features such as intelligent lighting control, white noise generation, enough space for a person up to 1.95m in height and more. With these tools, we believe children can find better sleep, which means parents can sleep better as well.

Establishing a routine, such as an order of activities at bedtime, can often help a person fall asleep. So can changing the lighting in a bedroom.

Children with autism who get back on a regular sleeping schedule seem to learn better, are less irritable and have fewer behavioural problems.

We believe that zPods is not just a concept for children individually, but a concept that can be life changing for the whole family. We want to create a safe space in an environment that becomes a constant variable which can change the world of sleeping.

zPods are soothing, calming and a place they can call their own

zPod Features:

A zPods Bed comes with the following features:

SAFE SPACE: A sturdy frame and durable walls to keep kids completely safe from monsters and bad dreams!

LIGHT: Multi-mood LED lighting to set environment according to mood and sleep cycle, including the option to shut out all light for uninterrupted sleep.

COMFORT: A sensory-friendly environment that fits a single mattress.

ROOM: Enough space to comfortably fit a person up to 1.95m (6’5″) in height.

ENERGY: USB plug-ins to charge mobile phones or other electronic devices.

TECH: Space for a 18-28 inch screen TV