zPods Sleeping Pods

The future of sleep for sleepless children is here!

zPods was launched with the idea that if children fall asleep quickly and stay asleep the whole night, the family thrives.

The first US company to provide children with a customisable sensory sleep pod, zPods was formed in response to real experience by its inventors

zPods are a customisable, sensory friendly, sleep pod jam-packed with features such as lighting control, white noise generation, enough space for a person up to 1.95m in height and more. With these tools, children and adults can find better sleep, which means parents and carers can sleep better as well.

zPods is not just a concept for children and adults individually, but a concept that can be life changing for the whole family. zPods create a safe space in an environment that becomes a constant in the variable world of sleeping.

zPods are safe, soothing, calming and a place they can call their own

Do you remember the joy of carving out your own nook to get away in when you were a child? Building your own fort in which to relax? Wouldn’t it be great to have the ultimate cozy space? With zPods™, we make that dream possible.

Our zPodsTM beds come with the following features:

SAFE SPACE: A sturdy structure and durable walls to keep kids completely safe from monsters and bad dreams!

CONTROL PANEL: Control of lighting, sound, and fans for a tailor-made sleep environment!

LIGHT: Multi-mood LED lighting to set the environment according to mood and sleep cycle, including the option to shut out light for sleep

TEMPERATURE: Fan control that keeps air circulating and fresh

SOUND: Bluetooth® speakers that connect with your smart device (e.g., tablet, phone, etc.) to allow you to pipe in white noise, calming music, or whatever helps your child relax

COMFORT: An interior that comfortably fits a person up to 1.98m (6’6″) in height. Enough space to fit a memory foam king single mattress (not included).

ENERGY:USB plug-ins to charge cell phones or power safety cameras, sleep sensors, or other electronic devices

TECH: Internet TV on a high-definition screen (not included)

EASE: Sliding doors that are easy to install and remove, making cleaning and making the bed easy

CONVENIENCE: Shipped flat and requiring 30–45 minutes of intuitive assembly for two people

Gen 2 Single Bed

Gen 2 Double Bed (Bunk)