Sensory Play Equipment

Sensory Wizard specialise in customising your sensory room, providing an array of quality sensory play equipment.

Our sensory equipment is designed to help develop key life skills including voice, motor skills, colour recognition and tracking. It is also designed to stimulate the senses by using colour, textures, sounds and even smells.

Most of our equipment can be customised to suit your users and their individual needs, for example we can create bubble tubes to only show blues and greens to create a calming effect.

Contact us to see how we can customise a play space for your business.

Bubble Tubes

Sensory Wizard’s Bubble Tubes are a captivating focal point for any sensory room with its visually engaging, constantly moving bubbles and colour changing lights. Bubble Tubes create a relaxed and calming atmosphere, can reduce anxiety and provide a fun uplifting environment.

Bubble Tubes are at the heart of any multi-sensory environment, inspiring interaction through the constantly changing colours and moving bubbles.  They are suitable for all ages and abilities and create an engaging, stimulating and inclusive learning environment which helps improve visual
development, colour recongition and communication skills.

bubble tubes
nest and pod swings

Nest and Pod Swings

Nest and Pod Swings are great fun and improve any child’s play area. Swinging is enjoyable for all kids, and it can even be used as part of Sensory Integration therapy, used by child occupational therapists. We also manufacturer free standing  swing frames to hang your swings from.


Climbing Cubes

Our climbing cubes include climbing ladders, climbing stones, ball ropes, nest swings and hanging pods and are the perfect addition to your sensory space.

sensory climbing cube
sensory activity panels

Sensory Wall Panels

Sensory wall panels bring sensory play to any space!

Wall mounted interactive sensory toys invite kids to explore and  play. Engaging tactile surfaces, sound and light promote focus as kids manipulate buttons, touch screens and more.

Wall panels add a sensory element to rooms, promoting cognitive development while supporting sensory needs.


Sensory Rooms

Having in-house designers allows greater flexibility to cater for individual needs. In saying that our ultimate aim is to work with leaders in the Autism field and disability sector to gain their input so we can mass produce immersive sensory playgrounds to further reduce the price.

We can also provide an array of complimentary equipment such as soft furnishings, wall / floor pads and sensory swings that are manufactured in Australia. Gadget panels, multi-coloured bubble tubes, optic fibre sensory strands and quiet rooms can be added to the structure.

We carry a range of muted colours to suit your requirements and we manufacture individual sensory pods or multiple pods housing various events for special needs children.


Fibre Optic Filaments

These interactive fibre optic fine cables create both a great visual and textural element to your sensory play space. Bright and vibrant colours of your choice flow through the filaments which create a mood lifting environment.