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Sensory Playgrounds

for children living with Autism and other special needs

Sensory Wizard  provides high quality sensory playgrounds for children living with autism and other special needs as well as intergenerational playgrounds for aged care.

There are differing views on the design of sensory rooms including colour variations, level of activities, installation of quiet rooms and other events that make up a true sensory room. Our designs are completed in Sydney, Australia and we work with individual clients and after extensive client consultation provide the client with a fit for purpose design. Having in-house designers allows greater flexibility to cater for individual needs and we continue to work with leaders in the Autism and special needs field to gain their input so we can mass produce immersive sensory playgrounds.

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Our playgrounds are designed in Australia and are manufactured to the highest Australian Standards with a large portion manufactured in Australia. We import specific specialised support equipment from around the globe to provide you with state-of-the-art equipment

sensory playgrounds

We can incorporate our products into your activity program to provide enjoyment, encourage movement and interaction or even provide a place of quiet tranquillity. We can work directly with your carers to create the ideal space while taking into consideration your budget, age bracket, physical capabilities of users, allocated floor space, roof height and the surrounding environment.

We also offer ongoing scheduled service and maintenance to ensure your activity area remains in pristine condition and an asset for years to come.

Add an interactive projector from our OMI range of products, bubble tubes, optic fibre filaments and other events to complete your sensory playground.

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Our climbing cubes can include hanging pod swings, nest swings, climbing ladders, ball ropes, climbing walls and more.

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