Sensory Spaces

Sensory Wizard  provides high quality sensory artefacts and toys to create a bespoke space for children living with autism and other special needs

There are differing needs and views on the design of sensory rooms including colour variations, level of activities, installation of quiet rooms and other events that make up a true sensory space. We work with our partners to design a fit for purpose space for you.

We can incorporate our products into your activity program to provide enjoyment, encourage movement and interaction or provide a place of quiet tranquillity. We can work directly with you and your carers  to create the ideal space while taking into consideration your budget, age bracket, physical capabilities, allocated floor space, roof height and the surrounding environment.

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Where can we design a sensory space for:

Aged Care

People living with a disability

Doctors Waiting room



Allied Health clinics

Your home

Add an interactive projector from our OMi range of products, bubble tubes, optic fibre filaments and other items to complete your sensory playground.